Understanding & Investigating Violence, 2nd Edition 2017 2017-09-08T03:04:27+00:00

Understanding & Investigating Violence, 2nd Edition 2017 (312 pages)
ISBN: 9780999 072707
Retail Price: $175.00

The second edition compares and contrasts two infamous mass murder cases. The Palantine, Illinois Brown’s Chicken case is dissected as a means of determining answers to the unsolved suburban Chicago Lane-Bryant massacre.

The immense value of being able to interpret various forms of violence as a means of correctly categorizing a sought-after killer is emphasized. Serial killers work slowly upon their victims and often engage in overkill whereby the victim is either mutilated or suffered multiple causes of death. By contrast, former spouses and lovers generally act quickly and often commit their acts before a public audience. This work outlines how investigators might accurately determine whether a murder victim was killed by a stranger, or by someone they knew for life. The issue is key as the search for either a stranger or someone with whom the killer knew take place in entirely different place. Thirteen actual homicide case studies are analyzed and take the student through the thought process of highly experienced investigators.


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