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Situational Law & Justice, 2016 (415 pages)
ISBN: 9780970 75812
Retail Price: $145.00

This work provides deep insights into the inner-workings of the police courts and corrections as they come together to form the criminal justice system. Each chapter outlines the ideal model of how one might wish justice is delivered, as well as the actual impact of situational conditions. For example, suppose the witness to a murder is now standing on a street corner. The police are on their way to look for such a witness, but are interrupted at a train crossing. By the time the police arrive the witness is gone. The case becomes cold and is unsolved due to the bad timing of a passing train. Had the police been two minutes earlier the witness likely would have been encountered and the case solved. Situational Law also discusses the sociological considerations of the impact of crime. For example, the tone of voice of a police officer might shape the nature of a stop and frisk encounter on the street with a suspect.

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