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Critical Criminal Justice, 2nd Edition (343 pages)
ISBN: 97809707 58743
Retail Price: $200.00

Practitioners of criminal justice offer up dialog based upon the ideal model by which the police uniformly arrest persons who are detected as criminal offenders. Similarly, the public is led to believe that prosecutors evenly place charges without regard for non-legal considerations, then take all persons to criminal trial. Lastly, courts uniformly sentence the guilty, and our penal system successfully rehabilitates those incarcerated. Critical Criminal Justice exposes the realities of actual administration of justice, which is usually light-years away from the ideal model. This title is unique in its ability to demonstrate that the police often arrest or not based upon their interest and energy level. In reality police management has no effective means to force patrol officers to engage is proactive policing. Similarly, in major jurisdictions as few as ten-percent of felony officers do go to trial; all the rest are encouraged to engage in plea-bargaining. Surprisingly, the only effective means of rehabilitation appears to be 12 Step Recovery programs. This work offers a Criminal Counterpoint at the completion of each chapter, allowing a street-smart member of the criminal community to provide wisdom coming from the other side of the street.

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